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Early Jaina epistemology: a study of the philosophical chapters of the Tattvārthādhigama; With an English translation of the Tattvārthādhigamabhāṣya I, II.8 25, and V

Lucas den Boer defended his thesis on 23 April 2020

L. den Boer
23 April 2020
Leiden Repository

This thesis provides an analysis and translation of the philosophical chapters of the Tattvārthādhigama (A Study of the Fundamental Categories). The first part of this study consists of three chapters. The first chapter forms an introduction to this thesis and discusses the research questions, methodology, and the position of the Tattvārthādhigama in the history of philosophy from a global perspective. The second chapter situates the Tattvārthādhigama and the first commentary on this text, the Tattvārthādhigamabhāṣya, in their historical context. This chapter deals with the role of both texts in the development of Jaina philosophy, the history of the Jainas in the Gupta Period, and the authorship of both texts. The third chapter forms the core of this thesis and offers a conceptual analysis of the content of Tattvārthādhigama I, II.8 – 25, and V. The second part of this study contains an English translation from the original Sanskrit text of the Tattvārthādhigama. This part also provides the first English translation of the commentary on these passages from the Tattvārthādhigamabhāṣya. This thesis demonstrates that the Tattvārthādhigama offers a coherent philosophical system that was strongly influenced by the Nyāya tradition.

Supervisor: P.C. Bisschop, co-supervisor: P. Dundas

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