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An Incomplete Inquiry: Reading the Filial Piety Stories through Lacan, or the Other Way Around…

Chenyu Cheng defended her thesis on 6 April 2017.

Chenyu Cheng
06 April 2017
Leiden Repository

This study is an attempt to look awry at the Confucian tradition, by examining the popular stories—such as the filial piety stories collected in the Ershisi xiao (Twenty-Four Exemplars of Filial Piety)—which were promoted by the Confucian orthodox discourse and have been regarded for centuries as extraordinary examples of moral perfection. Through a Lacanian perspective, the present study aims at reconstructing the fundamental fantasy as suggested by those narratives. By examining the relationship between the Confucian fantasy and the Confucian ideology, we will gain a new insight into Confucianism and its long-lasting influence on Chinese culture(s).

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Barend J. ter Haar

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