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A Tale of One City: Actors of Globalization versus Bakufu Hegemony in Early Modern Nagasaki, c. 1571-1800

On 24 October 2023 Jurre Knoest successfully defended a doctoral thesis and graduated.

Knoest J.J.A.
24 October 2023
Leiden Repository

This dissertation examines the way encounters between merchants (foreign and domestic) and Japanese political and semi-political figures in Nagasaki influenced the shaping and execution of Tokugawa foreign policy designs. In doing so, this study challenges the old image of Nagasaki as a city where the bakufu reigned supreme. Rather, Nagasaki was a place where multiple parties, each with their own agenda's looking out for their own interest, and those parties directly related to the bakufu were not always the dominant ones. As such, there was ample room for negotiation and deviation from Tokugawa policy. In this regard, Nagasaki resembled the domains that were also entrusted with the execution of Tokugawa foreign policy.

Supervisor: Prof.dr. R.E. Breuker
Co-supervisor: Dr. K.N. Paramore

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