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A bibliometric review of COVID-19 research in the crisis and disaster literature

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pressing question is how this global health emergency impacted the research agendas of the field of crisis and disaster science. This article reviewed contributions in ten important crisis and disaster journals in the two and a half years following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sanneke Kuipers, Annemarie van der Wilt, Jeroen Wolbers
13 December 2022
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The impact of COVID‐19 studies on the crisis and disaster literature already seemsto have become substantial by all standards. It will probably continue to grow in thecoming years, as we have seen with the other iconic crises. This article seeks to address the following question in this annual editorial review: how did the COVID‐19 pandemicinitially impact thefield of crisis and disaster studies, and on what themes did thesestudies focus? They are interested in the first impact on the literature, in both Risk, Hazards and Crisis in Public Policy, as well as in“sibling”journals, 3 years into this crisis.

Furthermore,  with this editorial, the authors build both on their contribution in the previous year, which mapped the main themes, methods, and approaches before COVID‐19, and on the contribution in 2019 when the authors first used structural topic modeling and thematic mapping to identifythe main themes and clusters in existing crisis and disaster research.

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