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Islamophobia and Securitisation: The Dutch Case

This book examines how Muslim communities in the Netherlands perceive and experience extremism, counter-radicalisation policies, and Islamophobia.

Liselotte Welten & Tahir Abbas
01 August 2022

This book is, which will be released in August, is based on the findings of two original qualitative research investigations conducted in the Netherlands, in which thirty scholars, imams, mosque board members, and representatives of Islamic organisations were interviewed. The book delves into topics such as the politicisation of the Dutch media, misunderstandings about ‘radicalisation’ and how they contribute to securitisation, and how Dutch Muslims have been confronted with the dilemma of dealing with radicalisation on their own, while also facing further vilification, securitisation, and Islamophobia, all of which continue to be issues. Additionally, the study examines the significance of ‘radical Salafi’ ideology and recruitment techniques as seen by Dutch Muslim communities.

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