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Flooding and Management of Large Fluvial Lowlands

Paul Hudson, Associate Professor of Physical Geography at Leiden University College, examines human impacts on lowland rivers in his new book.

Paul F. Hudson
13 December 2021
Flooding and Management of Large Fluvial Lowlands

Pressure on large fluvial lowlands has increased tremendously during the past twenty years because of flood control, urbanization, and increased dependence upon floodplains and deltas for food production. This book examines human impacts on lowland rivers, and discusses how these changes affect different types of riverine environments and flood processes. Surveying a global range of large rivers, it provides a primary focus on the lower Rhine River in the Netherlands and the Lower Mississippi River in Louisiana. A particular focus of the book is on geo-engineering, which is described in a straight-forward writing style that is accessible to a broad audience of advanced students, researchers, and practitioners in global environmental change, fluvial geomorphology and sedimentology, and flood and water management.

Paul Hudson is Associate Professor of Physical Geography. His research utilizes a field based approach augmented with GISc mapping and analysis of satellite imagery and historic cartography. In broad terms Hudson’s research investigates human impacts on the environment, and specifically he examines flooding, soil erosion, river adjustment, sediment transport, as well as the management of floodplain environments

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