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Editorial: Sanity and Resilience in Times of Corona

This editorial to RHCPP discusses how COVID-19 can be seen as a 'creeping crisis' according to the authors of its lead article (Boin et al, 2020) and how resilience may depend on the real heroes behind the scenes of response to disaster and adversity.

Sanneke Kuipers
29 May 2020
Research Gate 'Editorial: Sanity and Resilience in Times of Corona'

Danielsson and Sjöstedt‐Landen (2020) show how in a local disaster, leader normativity in crisis management narratives legitimizes 'strong,' hierarchical and male‐dominated positions and actions and marginalizes other actors and contributions that are just as important to the crisis response. Cuomo et al. (2020) point at the positive effects of religiosity on resilience in local communities, whereas Odiase et al. (2020) map the conditions for resilience of ethnic minorities of immigrants in an urban setting. Finally, Roque et al. (2020) show how decentral authorities assisted local com- munities in reducing vulnerability and coping with disasters by leveraging their social capital. Trust in government institutions and community resilience cannot save us from being seriously affected by COVID19, but it may help to strengthen the response at all levels.

Read the editorial on the website of Research Gate.

Sanneke Kuipers

Dr. Sanneke Kuipers, associate professor in Crisis Governance, combines crisis management scholarship with practical experience as a consultant. She publishes on crisis management, institutionalization, organizational survival, and crisis accountability in international scholarly journals and books. Sanneke has extensive experience as senior advisor at Crisisplan BV in crisis research, evaluation, training and teaching projects, advising national ministries, safety regions and executive agencies. Current research projects include projects on risk and crisis management, institutionalization of public organizations, blaming and accountability after crises and organizational survival.

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