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A Framework to Navigate Eco-Labels in the Textile and Clothing Industry

In this paper, Marco Cinelli and Paula Ziyeh provide an initial answer to an important question that emerges when developing eco-labels in the textile and clothing industry: How can we make the development of eco-labels more structured and transparent?

Marco Cinelli, Paula Ziyeh
25 September 2023
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Consumers face a large number of different eco-labels. The Ecolabel Index—the largest international database on eco-labels—currently lists 104 eco-labels in the textile and clothing sector. Moreover, the logos of eco-labels are often similar in design, which makes it harder for consumers to differentiate between them. 

This study highlighted that consumers in the clothing market at present not only face a large number of eco-labels assessing different criteria and LCSs, but that these eco-labels also display significant differences in their assessment methods. The presented framework allowed for the classification of various methods of assessing the sustainability-related overall performance of clothing products in a systematic manner. This showcased how MCDA could contribute to the conceptual mapping of eco-labels’ assessment methods by providing the appropriate terminology to assist in dealing with the recurrent components needed to assess performances and provide decision recommendations, namely, the criteria and the aggregation methods.

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