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Tlamatiliztli: la sabiduría del pueblo nahua. Filosofía intercultural y derecho a la tierra

The aim of this research is the systematic analysis of the wisdom coined by Nahua people of Mexico, based on the historical sources and archaeological evidence, but also in the knowledge developed by contemporary indigenous communities and the contributions of indigenous scholars.

O.S. González Romero
22 June 2021
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The hypothesis of this research pretends to demonstrate, how the cognitive structures embedded in indigenous languages are useful in the development of an intercultural epistemology.

The academic relevance of this research not only lies in the fact that address rigorous and systematically an issue –indigenous philosophies-which faces lack of acknowledgment, which is not a minor issue; but also because this effort to analyse Nahuatl philosophy is useful to provide alternatives to understand the world based on a different ontology. The development of an intercultural philosophy will be useful to face and solve some misunderstandings caused by cultural colonization.

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