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Rooted Cosmopolitanism, Heritage and the Question of Belonging

Archaeological and Anthropological perspectives

Edited By Lennart Wouter Kruijer, Miguel John Versluys, Ian Lilley
21 March 2024

This book explores the analytical and practical value of the notion of "rooted cosmopolitanism" for the field of cultural heritage.

Many concepts of present-day heritage discourses—such as World Heritage, local heritage practices, or indigenous heritage—tend to elide the complex interplay between the local and the global—entanglements that are investigated as "glocalisation" in Globalisation Studies. However, no human group ever creates more than a part of its heritage by itself. This book explores an exciting new alternative in scholarly (critical) heritage discourse, the notion of rooted cosmopolitanism, a way of making manifestations of globalised phenomena comprehensible and relevant at local levels. It develops a critical perspective on heritage and heritage practices, bringing together a highly varied yet conceptually focused set of stimulating contributions by senior and emerging scholars working on the heritage of localities across the globe. A contextualising introduction is followed by three strongly theoretical and methodological chapters which complement the second part of the book, six concrete, empirical chapters written in "response" to the more theoretical chapters. Two final reflective conclusions bring together these different levels of analysis.

This book will appeal primarily to archaeologists, anthropologists, heritage professionals, and museum curators who are ready to be confronted with innovative and exciting new approaches to the complexities of cultural heritage in a globalising world.

“An important intervention in both archaeology and heritage studies, the contributors of this volume bring a global perspective to the classic theme of cosmopolitanism. Drawing from different disciplines and international case studies, this book makes a significant contribution beyond method & theory and offers new insights on globalization, nationalism, religion, and the ethics of belonging.” - Lynn Meskell, Professor of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania & AD White Professor-at-Large, Cornell University

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