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Here it is. A Nahuatl translation of European cosmology

Context and contents of the Izcatqui manuscript in the Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam

I. Heijnen
25 February 2020
The publication in Open Access

This dissertation describes for the first time in detail a manuscript held by the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, known as Izcatqui. This manuscript is written in Nahuatl or the Aztec language, in the 18th century. This study has shown just how complex and multi-layered this book is. It contains Nahuatl translations of Spanish source texts from as early as the 15th century. These range from texts on the Gregorian calendar, liturgy, astrology, agriculture and medicine.

Not only includes the manuscript a variety of sources, its content was also known in several manuscripts in other indigenous languages. This study showcases the interest and collaboration of people from local and non-local descent to translate and transfer knowledge from one cultural background to the other.

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