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De ordinaire kap

Een bouwhistorische studie naar kapconstructies op Leidse huizen tusen 1300 en 1800

E.D. Orsel
03 March 2020
The publication in Open Access

The study on the roof constructions on Leiden houses between 1300 and 1800 is primarily based on the systematic documentation and analysis of more than a hundred selected roof structures of houses and twenty comparable on other types of buildings in Leiden. The research provides for the first time a summary overview of this type of constructions in one city. Partly due to dendrochronological research, almost all roof structures are provided with a reliable date and information is available on the origin of construction wood and trade therein. The documented constructions are unambiguously recorded on a newly developed standardized catalogue sheet.

By linking the data from the investigated roof structures with historical sources and published research, an attempt was made to investigate the appearance and development of roof constructions from 1300 to 1800 on Leiden houses and what influences and indicators were involved.

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