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A landscape biography of the 'Land of Drumlins': Vooremaa, East Estonia

In the contemporary myriad of definitions and approaches of landscape, the starting points and limits of the concept of landscape biography are being explored, but also tested in this thesis. What exactly is a landscape biography? What does it constitute of? Is landscape biography just a narration of a specific defined place on the face of the Earth in a defined period of time or does it have a practical output? Is it possible to help design the future of landscapes by narrating the past? These questions are explicitly addressed for a specific region in Eastern Estonia, Vooremaa (in translation: the land of drumlins).

M. Veldi
12 March 2020

The source base for this landscape biography compiles of archaeological, cartographical, environmental, and folkloristic data.In addition, the scope of the study concentrates on historic land use around archaeological sites in Vooremaa and it aims to create a system for assessing the archaeological heritage value of certain micro-regions.

One of the goals of the thesis is therefore to develop a practical methodology for detecting archaeological heritage in the landscape as well that may contribute to the (thinking about) sustainable landscape development through create concepts of heritage preservation.

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