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Research facilities

General Lab Facilities

Shared, general-purpose labs.
Staff, guest researchers and students
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
Evert Dekker


Three standardised, time-shared labs equipped with 1-way screens between participant- and experimenter room. The rooms are flexible in use and almost all measurement set-ups can be built by SOLO’s lab technicians. Each lab has an experimenter- and a data-acquisition computer available, but you are allowed to bring your own research notebook. When doing physiological experiments you have to bring your own or borrowed equipment. By placing sound-damping screens you can also run experiments with more than 1 participant in the same room.

The rooms can be booked by researchers from all research groups from Psychology and Education and Child Studies, when their own labs are unavailable.

  • Eye tracking
  • E-Prime tasks
  • Physiology

Lab users have to be acquainted with lab protocols and technology.

For support please visit the SOLO Research and Lab Support website.

Rooms 1.B39-40, 1.B44A

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