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Lab facilities Social and Organisational Psychology

Observational, cognitive and physiological measurements in social contexts.
Staff, guest researchers and students.
Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
Daan Scheepers


Research in this laboratory investigates behaviour in social contexts. Humans are “social animals”: Their behaviour and decisions are strongly influenced by others, and strongly influence the behaviour and decisions of others. In our lab we study diverse topics such as:

  • social interactions,
  • group decision-making,
  • negotiations,
  • inter-group relations,
  • prejudice and stereotyping,
  • morality, emotions, identity, and
  • consumer behaviour.

Apart from self-report measures we also use behavioural observations (using video analyses), RTs, physiological reactions (ECG, ICG, blood pressure, GSR) and eye tracking. The laboratory is equipped with a number of cubicles with computers for stimulus presentation and online social interactions. Another part of the lab is designed for studying social interactions using behavioural observation, and has separate testing and observation rooms.

  • Computers with dedicated software packages
  • Multi-video system
  • Biopac systems for ECG, ICG, GSR, and continuous blood pressure measurements
  • Tobii eye movement registration system

Lab users have to be acquainted with lab protocols and technology.

For support please visit the SOLO Research and Lab Support website.

Rooms S.B04-06 and S.B23-25

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