Living with viruses instead of eradicating them. The dangers of making women responsible for the health of future generations. How the landscape in which we live shapes our health and options for healing. In AnthropoLogic we dare to question accepted truths in Global Health. The series is entirely produced by Global Public Health (BSC) students, as part of their course ‘Medical Anthropology’, taught by Dr. Josien de Klerk at Leiden University College, the Netherlands.  With their interlocutors, students question the logics of biomedicine, the politics embedded in Global Health and dive into the collaborative and creative methods employed by Medical Anthropologists. The series was created in 2020 in Lockdown and continues with each iteration of the course. 


This podcast series was created in the fall of 2020 by Global Public Health students of Leiden University College The Hague, as part of the Dr. Josien de Klerk course, “Medical Anthropology.” In seven thematic weeks Global Public Health students are introduced to the field of Medical Anthropology, and learn about Medical Anthropologists’ divergent roles in Global Health. Students also are acquainted with a range of methodologies, including the ethnographic method but also collaborative and creative methodologies and reflect on their own positionality.