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MOOC: ‘Federalism & Decentralisation: Evaluating Africa’s Track Record’

What is federalism; what are the implications of decentralisation? Do federalism and decentralisation contribute to democratisation, governance, and diversity? Virtually all African countries south of the Sahara are now either federal or decentralised—but how do their systems of governance perform? These questions will be addressed in the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) ‘Federalism and Decentralisation: Evaluating Africa’s Track Record’. Enrollment for this free course is open.


During this online course, Jan Erk (Institute of Political Science, Leiden University) will discuss important concepts and theories related to federalism and decentralisation and apply them to a number of interesting African case-studies.

The course materials consist of a series of video lectures and academic literature (approximately 3 hours per week). Relevant articles from the journal Regional and Federal Studies will be made available free of charge, courtesy of the publisher Taylor & Francis/ Routledge.

For more information and enrollment, please see the Coursera website.


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