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Launch Conference Asian Modernities and Traditions

Leiden University's Asian Modernities and Traditions research area will be presented on 9 September, in the form a conference. The keynote speaker is Professor Prasenjit Duara, Director of the Asia Research Institute of the Singapore National University. The title of his address is Sustainability and the Crisis of Transcendence: The View from Asia.

Multifacetted research

The AMT research area is made up of Leiden researchers whose work focuses on Asia. The intention is to demonstrate that Leiden University conducts multifacetted research on all aspects of Asia. The Leiden Asia researchers aim to make their work known to the public and to government, the business sector and the media. All these contacts contribute to building a network of partnerships that will ensure that Asia will remain one of the key areas of research in Leiden through to the 21st century. 

AMT focuses on the areas of East, Central, South and Southeast Asia - all regions that are experiencing significant and dynamic developments. The chosen regional delineation does not mean that AMT regards Asia as a firmly delineated area. It refers to a region that is increasingly determining the face of Asia transnationally, in part through the spread of capital, culture, goods, opinions and perspectives, and people.

Professor Prasenjit Duara

Professor Prasenjit
Professor Prasenjit

Professor Duara obtained his PhD in 1983 at Harvard University (USA) in History and East Asiatic Languages. From 1981 to 1990 he lectured at Princeton University, George Mason University and Stanford University. He then transferred to the University of Chicago, where he was to remain until 2008. While there he was Chairman of the China Studies Committee, and later of the department of History (2004-2007).

Duara has an outstanding international reputation as a historian of the Asian region in general, and China in particular.  His research includes social and cultural history, the development issue, nationalism and imperialism, religion, historical thought and social theory. He is also a member of the editorial boards of a number of international journals and member of the advisory and visitation boards of several knowledge institutions. Duara has written four books and edited one. 

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