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Live blog: Academy Building protest

This page provides updates on the protest today at the Academy Building and Hortus botanicus in Leiden.

16.35 hrs.
The protest at the Academy Building and the Hortus botanicus has come to an end. The people who started a protest earlier today left voluntarily. The university had ordered them to leave the premises, and they complied.

15.00 hrs.
The dean of the Faculty of Humanities has just met again with the protesters at the Academy Building. The group says it will study the documents the university just published. 

14.40 hrs.
Leiden University has just published a document sharing more information about its ties with Israeli universities. Yesterday, the university had already indicated that it would do so today. 

13.40 hrs.
As a precaution, it has been decided to close KOG and Old Observatory (Sterrewacht) today with immediate effect. All staff and students have been requested to leave the premises quietly. Lectures and events on thes locations have been cancelled for today.

11.21 hrs.
At around 08.30 this morning, a group of around 25 people started a protest at Leiden University’s Academy Building and Hortus botanicus. They have set up tents and are chanting slogans. The university is in contact with representatives of the group to discuss their motivations.

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