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Joop van Holsteyn appointed as member of the Dutch Electoral Council

Joop van Holsteyn has been appointed as member of the Dutch Electoral Council (Kiesraad). As of 1 april 2024 the Professor in Political Behaviour and Research Methods (Leiden University Institute of Political Science) will join this ‘Central electoral committee’ and advisory body.

‘Extensive experience in the field of elections, voters and electoral behaviour’

In the press release of the Electoral Council, chairman Wim Kuijken is very enthusiastic about this appointment: ‘With his extensive experience in the field of elections, voters and electoral behaviour, Joop van Holsteyn is an excellent addition to our Electoral Council. Furthermore, he also brings with him knowledge of the implementation of elections, which he gained as a member of the principal and central electoral committee of the electoral district of The Hague and as a member and chairman of various sub-national referendum commissions.’

Joop van Holsteyn (photo: Taco van der Eb)

Van Holsteyn, in turn, is looking forward to contributing to the work of the Electoral Council: ‘Elections are at the heart of representative democracy. Their proper organisation is essential, especially in a situation where trust in elections and their outcome cannot be taken for granted.’

Central electoral committee

Since 1917, the Electoral Council serves as the Netherlands’ central electoral committee, and as an advisory body to the government in the field of electoral law, elections, and referenda. The Council is based in The Hague and consists of 7 members. These members are appointed for a 4-year term, which can be renewed 2 times.

Expertise, knowledge, and experience

Members of the Electoral Council are selected on the basis of their expertise in electoral law and elections, as well as their knowledge of Dutch society and professional experience.

In addition to chairman Wim Kuijken and newcomer Joop van Holsteyn, the members of the Electoral Council include Leiden University emeritus professor of Empirical Political Science Rudy Andeweg, Hestia Reukema (director Public Service at the municipality of Rotterdam), Hanny Kemna (IT auditor, advisor and non-executive director in various supervisory boards), director/supervisor Laetitia Griffith and Herbert Bos (professor in Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

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