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Rob Schilperoort Memorial unveiled at Leiden Bio Science Park

The Rob Schilperoort Memorial will be unveiled at the Leiden Bio Science Park on Saturday 16 September. This gigantic gate stands at the entrance to the park, which is also named after Schilperoort, its founder.

Professor of Molecular Biology Rob Schilperoort (1938 - 2012) was mainly interested in the genetic modification of plants. His research into plant tumours proved to be of crucial importance. The cause of these tumours can be used as a vehicle for modification.

Founding father of Leiden Bio Science Park

Schilperoord was a founding father of the Leiden Bio Science Park (1984). He wanted to see plant-breeding research and industry there. The park is now particularly in vogue with pharmacy and biopharmacy companies.

Studio Harzema architects have the following to say about the memorial: ‘The gate is parallel to Wassenaarseweg, which means the opening literally forms an entrance to the Schilperoort Park. The two elements come together to form something new, a vista, a vision of the future.’

Unveiling and information market

The Rob Schilperoort Memorial will be officially unveiled on Saturday by Martijn Ridderbos, Vice-Chairman of Leiden University, and alderman Fleur Spijker. There will also be an information market for residents in the park from 11.00 to 14.00 on the same day, with all the latest developments at the Leiden Bio Science Park.

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