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From Zuidas intern to legal-aid lawyer | Leiden Lawcast S02E03

Nicolette Heijkant is our guest on the latest episode of Leiden Lawcast. Heijkant is an experienced lawyer who won her spurs working in the legal profession in Amsterdam’s business district, the Zuidas, and is now working for a legal-aid practice in Brabant. In this episode, we speak to her about her life as a student and her remarkable career.

Heijkant took her first steps on the career ladder as an intern on the Zuidas where she worked on high-profile cases such as the Dexia share lease scandal and the bankruptcy of the DSB Bank. She briefly explains the background to these cases and what it was like working on them: ‘You really are thrown in at the deep end’. Last summer, she also published her debut novel De stagiaire, based on her time as an intern in the legal profession.

Later, Heijkant switched to working as a lawyer for a legal-aid practice in Brabant. ‘Being close to people, you can really make a difference here.’ During our conversation, she explains the reasons for this move. Apparently, she always has her gown in her car, ready for action in court hearings throughout the country, mainly criminal law cases.  ‘I really enjoy being part of court proceedings, because you have an impact on the outcome and can really make your mark.’

Please note: Leiden Lawcast is in Dutch

Van stagiaire op de Zuidas naar de sociale advocatuur | Leiden Lawcast S02E03

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