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Edison Jazz Oeuvre Prize for ACPA alumnus Dick de Graaf

In 2017 saxophonist Dick de Graaf obtained his PhD degree with his thesis 'Beyond borders : broadening the artistic palette of (composing) improvisers in jazz'. His own views for over forty years on jazz and related styles (amongst other qualities) have lead to the Edison Jazz Oeuvre Prize.

Saxophonist Dick de Graaf (67) has been adding his own views on jazz and related styles to the rich tradition for over forty years, on stage and with a beautiful discography. “A tradition that he knows through and through, passes on to younger generations and, like other key players in the field, continues to nurture innovation. All these qualities, with a record/cd oeuvre that is the result of this, makes him a logical and justified winner of the Edison Jazz Oeuvre Award” according to the jury.

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