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Special nanoparticles for cancer therapy! Will you help?

Developing a better treatment for patients with head and neck cancer, that is what Binanox, The 2022 iGEM Leiden team, want to achieve. They hope to raise at least 10,000 euros for this cause. Support their crowdfunding campaign today.

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In the Netherlands, more than 3000 people are diagnosed with head and neck cancer each year. Yet, current treatments are often invasive, and there are stages where chances of survival are not great. A promising new treatment is so-called photothermal therapy in which metal nanoparticles kill the tumour cells.

During this treatment, a doctor injects the nanoparticles directly into the tumour. The tumour is afterwards exposed to a laser that emits Near Infrared (NIR) light. The nanoparticles convert this light into heat, which then kills the tumour cells.

Replacing chemical nanoparticles with biological ones

Existing nanoparticles are chemically produced and not optimal for transferring heat to the tumour. The iGEM team is looking for ways to produce these nanoparticles biologically by using proteins. These proteins ensure that the nanoparticles have the perfect properties for photothermal therapy. In the video, the iGEM students explain more about this and their team.


To develop this treatment, the team needs help. That is why iGEM Leiden is organising a crowdfunding to raise money. Want to help them out? Support Binanox with your contribution.

Want to learn more?

Come to the evening lecture (in Dutch) on Thursday 29 September, organised by alumni association het Natuurwetenschappelijk Gezelschap Leiden. In this lecture the iGEM team will tell you all about their project and there will be room for questions. The lecture can also be watched via live stream.

Evening lecture: Nanodeeltjes produceren voor kankertherapie met Escherichia coli

iGEM Leiden

International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) is a competition in which student teams from all over the world use synthetic biology to solve a societal problem. Every year, more than 350 teams participate worldwide. In 2020, the then Leiden team won the main prize with their project 'Rapidemic'.

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