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Electric Nocturnes by Milana Zarić and Richard Barrett at the World Harp Congress

Milana Zarić and Richard Barrett perform at the 14th World Harp Congress in Cardiff, Wales.

Richard Barrett is one of the most prominent British contemporary composers, active also as performer on electronics. Milana Zarić is principal harpist at Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, leader of contemporary music group Studio 6, soloist, chamber musician and free improviser. Barrett and Zarić have been performing in a collaborative duet since 2013. On July 24 they will present and perform two collaborative compositions at the World Harp Congress in Cardiff.

 'Šuma' (2016) involves a constant interweaving of notated, prerecorded and improvisational material; 'Nocturnes' (2019) for electric harp and electronics is a collaborative piece based on a structured set of composed sound-materials and transformations. This programme explores ways in which a single complex instrument is shared by two people.

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