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Health Day wins LUF Relationship-Promoting Activities Prize

Health Day has won the LUF Relationship-Promoting Activities Prize (LUF RAP). This 5,000-euro prize is awarded to an initiative by Leiden University students that brings the academic community together.

The jury was enthusiastic about the Health Day programme. ‘The concept was well-thought-out and achievable too,’ the jury said. The jury also praised how alongside physical health, plenty of attention would be paid to mental health. According to the jury, Health Day has the potential to become an annual event.

On Health Day in January 2023, the Hooglandse Kerk church will be entirely devoted to a healthy lifestyle. In the extensive programme students and residents of Leiden and the surrounding area will see how implementing healthy aspects in their daily life is easy to achieve, offers many advantages and doesn’t have to be at all boring.

Second and third prize

In addition to the Health Day, the Rapenburg Race Foundation and A survivor at Leiden are also among the winners. They receive 3000 and 2000 euros respectively from the LUF.

With the Leiden Students Song Festival, the Rapenburg Race Foundation wants to offer all the Leiden student and study associations a platform for their musical talents. The jury called it, ‘a plan with a lot of potential and a great start to the academic year.’

‘This pitch forced us to face the facts.’

With the Ending Sexual Violence Together workshop, Survivors at Leiden wants to reduce the number of incidents of sexual violence in Leiden, The Hague and the University communities. ‘This pitch forced us to face the facts: one in ten female students and one in 100 male students experience sexual penetration without their consent during their time at university. Survivors at Leiden has got us thinking about this important topic,’ said the jury.

At the initiative of the Committee for General Student Activity Grants (CASSA), LUF has launched the LUF Relationship-Promoting Activities Prize (LUF RAP) for student activities or initiatives (in the widest sense of the word) that bring people together.

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