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Janice McNab- Paul Brach Visiting Artist at CalArts

On 16 November, Scottish artist and post-doctoral scholar at ACPA, Janice McNab was a visiting artist at the Paul Branch Visiting Artist Lecture Series of CalArts in California.

For this series, Janice taught and gave a lecture on her current research project: How Deep is your Love? This project explores an alternative visualisation of a woman’s living body—without recourse to its surface—that she began with The Ghost Artist. This combines art historical work on other women artists with paintings that explore how the inner, sensing side of our skins might be portrayed through the things we touch, see, and eat every day. Paintings of the sensed world that lies just beyond words and just beneath the inside of all our skins. 

The Moth (2020), 50x73cm, oil / acrylic on paper
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