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New text work ‘A and Z’ by Janice McNab at Page Not Found bookshop

Janice McNab's Open Letter now occupies the storefront window of Page Not Found bookshop in The Hague.

Open Letters

The project Open Letters invites The Hague artists to occupy the large storefront window of bookshop Page Not Found with messages of urgency and vulnerability. The fourth chapter presents the work of ACPA post-doc Janice McNab with her text work 'A and Z'.

Janice McNab is a Scottish artist and academic who now lives in the Netherlands. She was born in Aberfeldy, studied at Glasgow School of Art, and in 2000, moved to Amsterdam on a Scottish Arts Council residency programme. Her PhD is from the University of Amsterdam, and she is Head of the MA Artistic Research at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. From 2020-2022 she is also a post-doctoral scholar with The University of the Arts, The Hague / Leiden University.

This open letter was unveiled on 8 October 2021 and will be up for view until 8 November 2021.

Open Letters are freely accessible from the street at any time.

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