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Three Times Aart Strootman

In the next few days several compositions by Aart Strootman (guitarist, instrument builder, composer, teacher and ACPA PhD) will premiere at Festival Classique and Festival Gaudeamus.

On Thursday 9 and Friday 10 September, Slagwerk Den Haag will play a preview of Bauxite during Festival Classique.
At Festival Classique, Slagwerk Den Haag will present a new composition by Aart Strootman during 'Sound Bites', inspired by the actions of the Plastic Soup Surfer Merijn Tinga to raise awareness of litter in seas and oceans: Bauxite.  
On Saturday 11 September, the Black Page Orchestra will perform Strootman's Dwell in Darkness during Festival Gaudeamus.
​​The Black Page Orchestra (Vienna), named after a composition by Frank Zappa, focuses on radical and uncompromising new music. During the Saturday Night they play compositions that are all about darkness; in this concert they are looking for the light under the name demystification. With music by Matthias Kranebitter, Øyvind Torvund, Itziar Viloria, Christof Ressi,Mirela Ivičević and Aart Strootman.
On Sunday 12 September, Modelo62 will premiere Aart Strootman's Unknown Undertow -with a self-built instrument at the Festival Gaudeamus.

Esemble Modelo62 presents new work by two Dutch and two Canadian composers who were originally going to enter into musical dialogue in 2020, but who have now returned to their main strength: writing new and original music.
Composers Aart Strootman, Allison Cameron, Roxanne Nesbitt and Wilbert Bulsink created a brand new program from a distance, yet together in which their separate works flow together and refer to each other. From precisely notated music to graphic scores, from traditional instruments to self-built, from fragmented pieces to music in which everything is finished: completely different, far from each other and yet a whole. 

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