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Post-lockdown ceremonies: corona-proof but festive nonetheless

After the lockdown, it was again possible to receive graduates and guests at the University. In recent weeks, BSc and MSc graduates from various study programmes were festively awarded their diplomas in a special corona-proof setting in the restaurant of the Gorlaeus Lecture Halls building. This resulted in many happy faces and large clouds of liquid nitrogen.

'The signing lane'

In the autumn of 2020, the Faculty of Science transformed the vacant restaurant of the Gorlaeus Lecture Hall building into a location for festive 1.5m graduation ceremonies with space for a plenary ceremony, a 'signing lane' to sign the diplomas and a photo opportunity.

Getting a diploma: a (very cool) breeze!

In the autumn a loud CO2 cannon was blasted for every graduate, this time Rino provided a quiet and even 'cooler' festive touch: with liquid nitrogen of approx. -196°C, the Rino students created a beautiful cloud around the student to be photographed. This very cool breeze is a nod to the famous Leiden professor Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, who pioneered the liquefaction of gases in the early 20th century with his refrigeration laboratory and who put Leiden on the map as the coolest place on earth.

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