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Two reports on ’Practice Research’

Recently two reports about ’Practice Research’ - commissioned by the Practice Research Advisory Group UK (PRAG-UK) and funded by Research England - have been published on the British Library Shared Research Repository.

In practice research, forms of intuitive, embodied, tacit, imaginative, affective and sensory ways of knowing can be conveyed, and its sharing presents an opportunity for the modernising and revitalising of research communication, uncovering novel dissemination routes in the digital era. 
These reports (Report 1: What is practice research? and Report 2: How can practice research be shared?): 

  • provide insights and recommendations to practice researchers, and to the organisations and professionals that support practice research; 
  • demonstrate that practice research enriches not just higher education, but learning and knowledge acquisition in other contexts including creative industries, scientific settings, non-profit organisations and independent bodies. 

Practice researchers are discovering new ways of generating and sharing research, embracing non-traditional types of publication. In a world whose day-to-day is widespread with mixed-media and non-textual information, it is time for academic research to embrace these formats and media, and the vast ever-developing array of novel communicative technologies that are used in our everyday lives.  

Please read the reports by Dr James Bulley and Dr Özden Şahin  here.

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