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The Speed of Silence at Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music (MCICM) Symposium, Towards 2040

ACPA researchers Ned McGowan and Guy Livingston perform The Speed of Silence at the Maastricht University 's digital symposium Towards 2040: Creating Classical Music Futures.

The Speed of Silence

Ned McGowan (flutist and composer) and Guy Livingston (pianist and podcaster) bring their artistic interests together in an innovative, interactive performance that combines live music with slides, films, small lectures and audience interactions.

The Speed ​​of Silence show features new works that take their inspiration from the recent quarantine period. The increase in silence and a slower pace of activities has manifested itself in our society in many ways: from quieter city noises, to cancellation of travel and curtailment of our daily activities. Our perception of time, speed and content has changed radically as a result.

During the Symposium they will perform a shortened and online version of their programme.  

Towards 2040: Creating Classical Music Futures

The Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music arose from the need to reflect on and actively shape the future of classical music. This conference seeks to engage with the different ways that practitioners are constructing this future, while considering critically the process of ‘futuring’ itself. The aim is not to simply imagine a distant future over which we have no control but to show how imagining the future of classical music informs our work today.

The MCICM symposium will offer diverse presentation formats and more casual networking moments to engage in meaningful discussions. In their keynote lectures, Harro van Lente, professor of Science and Technology Studies at Maastricht University, and Helmut Seidenbusch, Director for Cultural Education at Stiftung Mercator in Germany, will explore the theme of classical music futures, their ‘production’ and the challenges they bring.
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The Speed of Silence is part of Session 5a Future Performances and the Senses on April 22 and starts between 16h40 - 17h30. 

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