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Large plane tree moved to make room for Gorlaeus Building phase two

Leiden University is currently working on the new Gorlaeus Building, a sustainable modern building for the Faculty of Science. To make room for the phase 2A construction work, a plane tree of over 20 metres in height was moved on 17 December. The tree has been conserved. Its new home will be on the future campus square.

Workers began setting up an enormous crane in the early hours of 17 December, and tree specialists climbed the tree to place reinforcement materials. Days before a complete steel construction had been installed under the tree’s roots, which was used to lift the tree.

Phased realisation

The Gorlaeus Building is being realised in three phases. The first part of the building has been in use since 2016. Phase 2A will be completed by the end of 2023. This phase comprises accommodation for operational management, various teaching facilities and five institutes.

The second phase involves adding a new main entrance to the Gorlaeus Building on the campus square and completing the main hall. This is the public space that brings together the different wings of the building. The lecture halls, cafés, library, study associations, practical rooms, study spaces and so on will be accessible from here. Construction will begin in spring 2021.  Phased construction means that the teaching and research will be able to continue uninterrupted.

Green meeting place

The plane tree has been moved to the campus square, in anticipation of the transformation of the area from 2021. The campus square will be situated between a large housing development in the entrance area between Einsteinweg and Plesmanlaan, the future sports and exam centre, the Gorlaeus Lecture Hall and the second phase of the Gorlaeus Building. The campus square will be a green meeting place for students, staff and city residents: the beating heart of the LBSP. What will be distinctive about the square is the large number of trees, and the beautiful plane tree will fit in perfectly. It is extremely important to the University that trees are conserved and that the amount of greenery increases. The square will provide space not only for everyday activities such as lunchtime walks, studying or sport but also for cultural, academic or sporting events. With a wider range of functions and facilities, this area is being transformed from an industrial park into an innovation district.

Time lapse of the plane tree being moved

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Photos: Monique Shaw

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