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Registration open for LeidenGlobal lecture series 'Discipline & Place'

‘Discipline and Place’ is a lecture series offered by LeidenGlobal to PhD and Research MA students in the Fall of 2020. It gives students an opportunity to reflect on the broader field of the Social Sciences and the Humanities – including Archaeology and Law – and to position their own research accordingly. Registration is open until September 10th, 2020.

‘Discipline’ and ‘place’ mean many things to many people. Disciplinarily, thematically and regionally defined fields of inquiry are not mutually exclusive or antagonistic, and stand to benefit from interaction. The course does not underwrite any single definition or inventory of disciplines or places, be this linked to particular points in time and space, scholarly method, political persuasions, or other coordinates. Rather, it offers an entry point for a debate on where we find ourselves that retains its relevance today in novel, striking ways.

The course will engage with many sub-disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities. Each session a guest lecturer from one of these fields, will speak to important aspects of her/his discipline. 

The course will take place online. Students will watch pre-recorded lectures and discuss the content one week later in a live session with the lecturer, course coordinator and fellow students. 

The online sessions with the joint discussion are every Tuesday and Thursday evening from September 17th until November 19th in MS TEAMS from 17:00-18:00 hrs.

PhD and ResMA students can register for the course on the LeidenGlobal website. Please register before 12:00 PM on Monday 10th of September 2020.

More information on the programme and speakers can be found in the Leiden University Study Guide.  


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