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Exhibition: As Real As You Want

As Real As You Want is a group exhibition focusing on navigating the virtual and real spaces, experiences and conversations.

The Exhibition Research Lab is an elective course and is a part of the Art Research Programme of the Lectorate Art Theory & Practice at KABK. This interdisciplinary course offers students practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding of exhibition-making in general, and of the potentialities of exhibition-making in relation to their own artistic practice in particular. Is an exhibition a mere platform for presenting an artwork? Or is it an intrinsic part of the creative process? Where lies the difference and what are the implications of these different positions for the artist’s research process and artistic practice? Why do artists make exhibitions anyway?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, students decided to make the exhibition online. Working from Singapore, South Korea, Greece, Bulgaria, Japan, Canada and the Netherlands, they engaged in an experimental collaborative process, that resulted in the online version of As Real As You Want. When circumstances permit, the second part of the exhibition will unfold into the physical gallery spaces at KABK.

When: 28 May - indefinitely

Where: Research Catalogue

Fine Art (BA) Autonoom, Sculpture and Painting & Printmaking and Photography & Society (MA) at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK).

Participating artists: Juwon Lee, Bo Wielders, Marta Iwanek, Iver Uhre Dahl, Natsumi Sakai, Ryan Lim Zi Yi, Robin Pieterse, Yannis Androulakis, Todor Rabadzhiyski, Nurul Ain Binti Nor Halim, Lui MacRae Wolstencroft and Alexander Peter Lorenzo Koch.

Course 19/20: Exhibition Research Lab (SEMII)

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