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Take It Easy Tuesday

The first day of the Online Well-being Week covered the topic of your mental health. And more specifically, how to not be too hard on yourself and how you might feel in these weird times.

what is challenging for you ?

On our Instagram (@leidenuniversityfgga) we asked what is challenging for you while being stuck at home. The answers varied from; writing your thesis from home to missing friends and ‘normal’ life. We can completely relate with your answers and we have some tips to take your mind off of it.

University Sports Centre Leiden

One of our first tips was to check out the Instagram of the University Sports Centre Leiden (@uscleiden), since they offer several live sport lessons on their account on a daily base. Moving your body is always a good idea to relieve stress. 

Book tips

Another option is to read some good books. We picked out some books for you that highlight that productivity is not everything and most importantly: it does not always have to be perfect. That saying goes for everything, as well as your daily planning or your level of productivity.

Start reading:
-    Love for imperfect things, Heamin Sunim
-    The subtle art of not giving a fuck, Mark Manson
-    Everything is fucked, Mark Manson

Webinar about performance anxiety

This evening there was also a webinar organised by ‘Wakker bij Bakker’ about performance anxiety during these corona times. Insecurity can become the fear to fail. Fear has a (healthy) function but not when it becomes too big. We did some practices about to get a grip on our minds and on our thoughts. And are things in my control or outside my control? 

Tips for staff on Mental wellbeing

On the website of Healty University at home, an initiative of Leiden University, you can find tips on how to maintain your mental health during this crisis. 

There is an article on how to reduce corona stress. And you can find an overview with self-help apps on coping with anxienty and stress. 

The central theme around the Online Well-being Week is the ability to reflect upon yourself. This theme is incorporated by ending each day with a quote, some food for thought. The quote of today was: 

“In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers.”

– Fred Rogers

Thinking about this quote you can ask yourself the question if in these stressful times it might be harder, but also more important than ever, to make time for the people around you and listen to them. We hope you tune in on our social media channels (see the right side of this page) tomorrow for the second day of the Well-being Week which is all about productivity (without being stressed of course). 

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