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Share your talent with the Live Lunch Friday

The Faculty of Humanities is looking for creative students who would like to share their talent for their Live Lunch Friday.

Calling all Practicum Musicae and Practicum Artium students!

Live Lunch Friday has been created to give all their followers, and others who get to see this broadcast on Facebook, some distraction in times of the coronavirus. They, as the Faculty of Humanities, love seeing that the whole world is dealing with this crisis by doing stuff that we have to offer. Think of art, music, literature, movies, you name it. It connects people. That's Humanities too!

Nina Zuure (1995) kicked off the first Live Lunch Friday time and showed her talent live at 12:00 on Facebook. Nina is a violinist and studies the pre-master Pedagogical Sciences at Leiden University. She performed a violin solo piece by Bach.

Do you also have a special talent, beautiful poem or something else you want to share? Mail Leiden Humanities at webredactie@hum.leidenuniv.nl and mention Live Lunch Friday in the subject line. Tell them who you are and what you would like to do. They would also like to receive an example of what you can do, for example with a video on YouTube.

So if you are a Practicum Musicae student or Practicum Artium student, this could be something for you!

Nina Zuure
Nina Zuure
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