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......documentation of the sonic impacts of COVID-19. Many of you have heard the sounds of Wuhan residents chanting “Keep it up, Wuhan!” or Italians singing “Viva la nostra Siena” from their balconies in the evening.

Perhaps you’ve heard the eery quiet of Times Square, NY, or the sounds of Downtown Vancouver residents cheering for their healthcare workers at 7pm. (Linked here: Fragmentarium club, initiated by Jacek Smolicki.).

And now the Journal of Sonic Studies would like to hear from you. What sounds of the impact of the regulations to combat COVID-19 are you hearing in your own sonic environment. What sounds have captured your ears online?

What new sounds are we including in our listening? What familiar sounds are we missing from our sonic environment? How does this new sonic environment impact us physically, mentally, relationally? Does it inspire new ways of thinking or being in the world?

Please place your links and your thoughts and reflections in the comments of their Facebook page! They (and we!) want to listen with you.


*Image found in a Feb 2020 article in the Guardian.
Photograph: Getty Images

The Journal of Sonic Studies

JSS presents, stimulates, and brings together a variety of possible approaches. That is why it pays attention to the sonic design of consumer articles (cars, washing machines, coffee-makers) as well as to the influence of hearing on the relation between mother and fetus; to urban noise pollution as well as the use of sonic weapons in war zones; from interventions in public space by sound artists as well as the effects of background music in shopping malls.

JSS offers the possibility to present new insights into the relation between sonority and (the deconstruction of) identity, the concept of space, the influence of digital technology, urban planning, deafness, etc. It covers both the material production and active consumption of sound (including music, noise and “silence”) and the bio-cultural meaning of sound and listening. In this way, JSS contributes to a rethinking of the relation between acoustics and society.

JSS advocates multidisciplinary research and is open for knowledge from various fields of study; from history to philosophy, sociology and anthropology; from medical studies to architecture, legal and technical sciences; from ecology to sound art, performance and media studies; etc.

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