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Challenging Performance Podcast by Daniel Leech-Wilkinson

Daniel Leech-Wilkinson introduces a series of podcasts based on his book Classical Performance Norms and How to Escape Them.

Challenging Performance is a series of podcasts for performers and lovers of Western classical music.

Challenging Performance offers a new approach to western classical music, encouraging and enabling performers to be more individual and creative. It shows how and why creativity is normally discouraged, why it should not be, and how it can become part of everyday performance. The linked website, features podcasts, a free online book, and many new and highly imaginative performances.

The project is aimed at young professional performers, musicians in the making, and open-minded lovers of classical music.

The podcasts showcase recordings by contemporary performers who use a range of historical, modern and experimental approaches to revitalise the performance of classical repertoire.

Visit challengingperformance.com for more information.

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