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CD-release ELISION ensemble - world-line

world-line presents the forces of ELISION on Huddersfield Contemporary Records for the fourth time, once again pushing the boundaries of instruments in search of visceral, expressive musical experiences. The three works present very different aesthetic approaches, crafting dynamic and innovative sound worlds from the ensemble’s instrumental resources.

Richard Barrett's world-line

Expanding out from the explosive grinding of lap steel and electronics to an intricate interplay between lap steel, trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion, and electronics, Richard Barrett’s world-line recombines its overlapping movements and sections, continually recontextualising the lap steel guitar against the wider ensemble. The results are riotous and unpredictable, sometimes producing delicate and ethereal tones, other times forming dense and jagged musical interactions, the performers discharging fragmented motifs that ricochet off of one another.

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ELISION Ensemble

Daryl Buckley / electric lap steel guitar 
Peter Neville / percussion , electric lap steel guitar 
Tristram Williams / piccolo trumpet, trumpet, and quartertone flugelhorn 


Huddersfield Contemporary Records (HCR) in collaboration with NMC Recordings


Track listing

1. Richard Barrett: world-line (2012-2014) [33'05"]
piccolo trumpet/quartertone flugelhorn, percussion, electric lap steel guitar, and electronics
premiere recording

2. Timothy McCormack: subsidence (2012-2016) [31'31"]
electric lap steel guitar (2 players)
premiere recording

3. Liza Lim: Roda – The Living Circle (2017) [10'24"]
solo trumpet
premiere recording

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