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Postponed- Making a Laboratory: What Method for Erotohistoriography?

Unfortunately we have to postpone the workshop with Ben Spatz due to the Corona-virus.

We are trying to reschedule the workshop to later this year. Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook-page.


About the workshop

This two-day workshop will introduce a new audiovisual embodied research method by which the intersections of history, identity, and emplacement can be rigorously investigated, generating a new type of collaboratively generated and richly open-ended video data. Participants will work in multiple small-group “configurations” according to a set of roles and relations that distil the potential of performing and other embodied arts to generate knowledge, learning practical techniques that can be applied to other research projects dealing with performance, audiovisuality, and the history of embodied technique. Drawing on but distinct from methods in performance studies, visual anthropology, and video art, this approach will be of interest to anyone who is seeking more adequate methods for engaging with embodiment today.

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