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The GO FAIR Three-Point FAIRification Framework - Erik Schultes

Under the urgency of the Corona pandemic, and driven by both national and international projects dedicated to the creation of FAIR COVID data, the GO FAIR Foundation has worked with its stakeholder community to consolidate a broad range of technologies into the Three-Point FAIRification Framework (3PFF). The 3PFF provides a simplified implementation pathway for the deployment of FAIR data and services. Each of the three points - creation of metadata, building a FAIR Implementation Profile, and deployment on FAIR Data Points - provide guidance and practical implementation options that allow anyone to reach high-levels of data interoperation and reuse.

Recent 3PFF successes from VODAN Africa, the Danish e-Infrastructure Corporation, and ZonMw’s National COVID-19 Program will be presented in dedicated sessions of the upcoming International FAIR Convergence Symposium held on November 27-December 4, co-organized by GO FAIR and CODATA. Furthermore, a set of workshops for creating FAIR Implementation Profiles by early-mover FAIR communities from the Social Sciences, Geo Sciences, Materials, Environmental Sciences, Oceanography, Pharma and Biodiversity will also report their Convergence Matrix results during the symposium. This enables the informed and coordinated decision-making needed to optimise reuse of resources and extend data interoperation. Although the Three-Point FAIRiciation Framework came together in haste under the immediate demands of COVID-19, plans for the adoption of the framework in 2021 by additional communities are already underway. 

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