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Exhibition ‘Art-chaeology’ presents artworks inspired by archaeology

From painted pottery to tattooed mummies, art has always been essential in human culture. Exploring the human past, archaeologists study art in the widest sense; from the technical aspects, to decrypting meaning. The new exhibition ‘Art-chaeology’, however, turns the tables and gives the pencil and the canvas to the archaeologists themselves. The exhibition was officially opened on Thursday December 12th and can be seen at the entrance of the Van Steenis building.


The exhibition features many different art styles as well as materials: ceramics, jewelry, paintings, drawings, even a necklace made of old paper snippets, and a 3D print of a skull. The art is as varied as the archaeology that inspired it.

Some of the artworks

Other artists who have works feature in the exhibition are:

  • Israel Alcón and Luis Alberto Larriba
  • Keshia Akkermans
  • Nikè Haverkamp
  • Anna-Claudia Kohanoff
  • Valerie Constance Ward
  • Anne Wagemakers

Sword of Oss

The original idea for the exhibition was coined by master’s student Helena Muñoz-Mojado. Herself being a gifted artist, it also features her painting of the famous Sword of Oss. She organised and co-ordinated the exhibition and officially launched it at the Faculty Lecture of December 12th, 2019.

You may visit the exhibition in the van Steenis building until May 2020.

Helena with her drawing of the famous Sword of Oss.
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