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Leiden Alumni meet Dutch Prime Minister, H.E. Mark Rutte, in Jakarta

Representatives from the Leiden University Alumni Association in Indonesia (IKALI) were honored to have a discussion with Dutch Prime Minister H.E. Mark Rutte during his visit to Jakarta on 7 October 2019.

During the exchange IKALI emphasized the importance of the role that alumni can play in the bilateral relations between the two countries. Also the benefits of the Dutch StuNed Scholarship were highlighted as it had a great impact for the recipients in terms of personal career prospectives and their contribution to the development of Indonesia in general.

Mutual understanding

Other Leiden University alumni in Indonesia were also present during a dinner hosted by the Dutch Embassy. We hope the Netherlands will continue to invest in contributing to the education of international students since we are all connected, directly more than indirectly these days. What we need is mutual understanding, as the basis for peace and prosperity in this globalizing world.

Ikatan Alumni Universitas Leiden di Indonesia (IKALI)

Ikatan Alumni Universitas Leiden di Indonesia (IKALI) / Leiden University Alumni Association in Indonesia Official Group –
This is a platform for all students who have graduated from Leiden University in Indonesia.




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