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Who wrote the best master’s thesis in Political Science? Here's the shortlist!

All master’s students in Political Science conclude their studies with a thesis, showcasing their academic skills and personal interest. For some, it is the ‘last hurdle’; others see their thesis as a first result of their scientific career. To acknowledge the importance of the thesis and to stimulate the authors, the programme annually honours the best master’s thesis. The candidacies for 2019 are now official; on 24 October 2019 the winner will be announced.

The jury, this year consisting of Gisela Hirschmann and Martijn Mos, is currently examening all shortlisted theses: four from the ‘regular’ master’s specialisations and two from the Research Master programme. The winners will be announced during the master’s graduation ceremony on on 24 October 2019.

Shortlist Master

  • B.V.J. Diepraam, ‘Development and Colonialism in Indonesia: Tracing back the Suharto Developmental State to Dutch Colonialism’ (supervisor: Dr. J.T. Nem Singh)
  • S.A. Hashmi, ‘In Search of Belonging: Mobile Children in the Gulf’ (supervisor: Dr. M. Longo)
  • S. Rissanen, ‘From ‘impartiality’ to ‘non-membership in a military alliance’: the impact of NATO-Finland interaction on the evolution of the Finnish neutrality identity’ (supervisor Dr. H. van Meegdenburg)

Shortlist Research Master

  • R. van Dijk, ‘Becoming a Politician. The Political Ambition of Party Members’ (supervisor: Prof. dr. J.J.M. van Holsteyn)
  • J. Goijaerts, ‘Social investment by women? Contesting policy paradigms on the gender dimension of the Dutch welfare state’ (supervisor: Dr. N. van der Zwan)

Postscript: One thesis, not listed above, was withdrawn after publication of this article. Since it was initially the jury’s favourite, but in the end appeared not be eligible, in 2019 no Master’s Thesis Prize in Political Science has been awarded.

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