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AI Impact Assessment distributed in the USA

A practical checklist with legal, technical and ethical points of view will from now on guide the data scientists when working in Artificial Intelligence: the AI Impact Assessment (AIIA). It has been developed by ECP (Platform of the Information Society) and nine other partners, among them the Leiden Centre of Data Science.

AIIA is a unique guide for the development, application and implementation of artificial intelligence. From the need for AIIA via ethical and legal assessments, the reader arrives at an eight-step procedure of  “How to conduct working in AI according to the AIIA”. Three important aspects are reliability, transparency and accountability.

Mission with Prime Minister Mark Rutte

ECP was happy to find two AIRecht.nl lawyers (Mauritz Kop and Suzan Slijpen) who joined the Dutch AI trade mission to Boston, Massachusetts for the distribution of their good news in the United States. The mission was led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Bruno Bruins. Between 16 and 21 July 2019, they visited leading companies in health care, climate, and robotics & AI.

At MIT, the CSAIL (Computer Science AI Lab) gave Mauritz Kop the opportunity to offer our Prime Minister Mark Rutte a hardcopy of the English version of the Dutch Artificial Intelligence Impact Assessment.

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