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New career platform for young researchers

You are one of the almost 3.100 Ph.D.’s and post doc’s among the scientific staff of Leiden University and LUMC. We, Leiden University, are proud of our young researchers and feel a responsibility to help you continue your career.

Some of you will continue their career within academia. But did you know that seventy percent of all young researchers will end up working outside the field of academia? Chances are, that you will be one of them.

The good news is that your chances of getting a good job outside the university are excellent. Leiden University attaches great value in guiding its researchers to a future career, whether inside or outside the academic world. In the third year of your PhD, for example, you can explore employment options by contacting a career advisor or following courses and workshops, that will help you prepare for a future career. 

On 26 March, Leiden University has launched a special website to help you even better with your career orientation. The new Career Platform is free and accessible for all young researchers. It offers extra online options, like self-reflection test, online courses and inspirational testimonials from alumni. It makes it easy to seek advice, by making an online appointment with a career advisor. The platform can be found on phdcareerplatform.universiteitleiden.nl. We gladly invite you to take a look around!

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