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New strategy LDE Centre for BOLD Cities

The Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for BOLD Cities uses multidisciplinary big data research to help find solutions for urban problems. ‘BOLD’ stands for ‘Big, Open and Linked Data’. Data science is one of the Centre’s main disciplines.

The Centre has recently submitted its strategy for the 2019-2024 period and will continue to align researchers from various disciplines in the LDE universities in projects that regard urban (big) data. The Centre's mission is to go from 'BOLD to SHARED* cities', reflecting the overall aim to work towards an inclusive smart city for citizens and civil servants. In doing so, the Centre’s executive board has decided to focus on three main themes:

  • For citizens and civil servants: the use of data and digital technologies to aid vulnerable urban groups.
  • By citizens and civil servants: the enhancements of new forms of urban participation and governance.
  • With citizens and civil servants: the development of urban data literacy and democratic legitimisation.

Data awareness and empowerment

Opportunities offered by “big data” bring huge changes to the physical and social urban environment. Therefore, the Centre is always interested in hearing about research projects or proposals that relate to the three themes, as well as projects and activities that focus on the improvement of data awareness and empowerment for urban residents.

*Sustainable, Harmonious, Affective, Relevant, Empowering and Diverse

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