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Best Paper Award for 'BAI (摆): An Oscillating Sound Installation'

Danyi Lu, Jelger Kroese and Edwin van der Heide, all affiliated with LIACS, won Best Paper Award for 'BAI (摆): An Oscillating Sound Installation' at the 7th EAI International Conference 'ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game Creation' in Braga, Portugal.

BAI (摆), meaning pendulum in Chinese, is an interactive installation that uses a speaker hanging as a pendulum from the ceiling, combined with an octophonic speaker setup to create a responsive sound environment. Oscillating motions of the speaker caused by the audience through pushing, pulling and twisting are translated into different modes of behavior of the sound environment.

Initially the motions are predictable, but exercising too much control over the pendulum causes the installation to quickly spiral into chaotic behavior. In combination with the hard physical labour that is needed to restrain the pendulum, the tense dialogue between participant and object results in a struggle for control. The movements resulting from this dialogue cause the sounds in the environment to change between different states of stability and chaos, hereby mirroring the types of dynamics that are also seen in natural ecosystems.

The Oscillating Sound Installation was presented at the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME)  in Blacksburg, United States.

Demonstration 'BAI (摆): An Oscillating Sound Installation'

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