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Lecture “Speed in Music, Brain and Body” at Café Chercher

ACPA’s PhD candidate and composer/flutist Ned McGowan will give a lecture at Café Chercher on March 27 called Speed in Music, Brain and Body.

This lecture is within the framework of the thesis Ned McGowan is working on through the docARTES programme.

Café Chercher is a platform to present unfinished research projects. These research projects typically exist between the realms of art and science; artists involved in research and researchers involved in the arts. Every last Tuesday of the month Café Chercher organizes evenings with presentations, with performances, with dance, with poetry, with poetry, with music, with videos, with soup and with drinks. 

Date and location

Tuesday March 27, 2018

6 pm

VOX-POP Creative Space UvA

Binnengasthuisstraat 9

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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